Unraveling the Mystery:500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card

Have you ever scrutinized your credit card statement and stumbled upon a charge labeled as 500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card”? If so, you’re not alone. This puzzling charge has left many cardholders scratching their heads in confusion. But worry not, we’re here to shed some light on this enigma.

500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card

The Origin of the Charge?

The charge that appears as “500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card” with statements is reportedly linked to Aarons or Aaron’s Rent To Own. Aaron’s office is located at 500 Chastain Center Blvd, Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA.

Recognizing the Charge

This charge may appear under various forms on your statement. It could be listed as 500Chastain Center Blvd ga, 500 chastain cntr 8776079999 ga, 500 chastain center blvd kennesaw ga, 500 chastain cntr blvd ga, 500 chastain blvd 877-607-9999, or 500 chastain center blvd ga.

What to Do If You See This Charge

If you see the “500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card” on your statement, it appears to be from Aarrons Rent-to-Own. If you have not made any transactions with Aaron’s, it’s crucial to contact your card issuer immediately. Use the number on the back of your card to report the unauthorized charge.

How Did  Aaron’s Rent To Own. Charge Appears on my Credit Card?

There are a few possibilities for how a “Aarons” or “Aaron’s Rent To Own” charge appeared on your credit card statement:

1. Legitimate Purchase:

  • You made a purchase at an Aaron’s Rent To Own store, either in person or online. Aaron’s offers a wide range of furniture, appliances, and electronics, so the charge could be for anything from a new TV to a living room set.
  • You made a payment on an existing Aaron’s rental agreement. Your regular monthly payments might show up as “Aarons” or “Aaron’s Rent To Own” on your statement.

2. Down Payment:

  • You placed a down payment on an Aaron’s rental agreement. Down payments are typically due at the time of the rental agreement and may appear on your statement separately from the regular monthly payments.

3. Missed Payment:

  • If you missed a payment on an Aaron’s rental agreement, a late fee or missed payment charge might appear on your statement as “Aarons” or “Aaron’s Rent To Own.”

4. Fraudulent Activity:

  • In the unlikely event your card information was compromised, someone could be making unauthorized charges using your card details to Aaron’s.

To determine the cause of the charge, you can:

Review your credit card statement:

Look for details like the transaction date, amount, and merchant name. This information can help you identify the specific transaction associated with the charge.

Store Locator:

  • Aaron’s has physical store locations across various regions. You can locate the nearest store by visiting their official website and using their store locator feature. This tool helps you find contact details and addresses for specific Aaron’s locations.

Online Assistance:

  • Aaron’s website might offer live chat support or a messaging system for customer queries. Check their website’s support section for any online assistance options available.

Contact your bank: 

If you’re unsure about the charge or suspect fraudulent activity, contact your bank immediately. They can investigate the charge and help you take steps to protect your card.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Keep your credit card information safe and secure.
  • Regularly review your credit card statements for any suspicious activity.
  • Consider setting up online alerts to notify you when new charges appear on your card.

Related Charges:

Other Charges from 500 chastain center blvd charge on credit card:

Address Phone Number Possible Explanation Action
500 Chastain Center Blvd, GA N/A Rent To Own payment to Aaron’s (common tenant at this address) Review past Aaron’s purchases or contact store for details.
500 Chastain Cntr 8776079999, GA (877) 607-9999 Service or purchase from another tenant at 500 Chastain Center Blvd (Aaron’s phone number is different). Research other businesses at the address or contact your bank for transaction details.
500 Chastain Center Blvd, Kennesaw, GA N/A Purchase or recurring charge from a business located in Kennesaw at 500 Chastain Center Blvd. Check past purchases or subscriptions and review transaction details on your statement.
500 Chastain Cntr Blvd, GA N/A Potential duplicate entry of the first charge (check amounts/dates). Compare with other charges and contact your bank if unsure.
500 Chastain Blvd 877-607-9999 (877) 607-9999 Same as “500 Chastain Cntr 8776079999, GA” – service or purchase from another tenant. Research or contact your bank for more information.
500 Chastain Center Blvd, GA N/A Additional possible explanation: payment to LPC Southeast, property management company for Chastain Center. Consider if you recently paid rent or fees related to 500 Chastain Center Blvd.

How To Cancel Subscription from  Aaron’s Rent-to-Own?

Cancelling a subscription from Aaron’s Rent-to-Own can be done in a few ways, depending on your preference:

1. In-Store:

This is the recommended option for a smooth and documented cancellation. Visit your local Aaron’s store and inform them of your desire to cancel your lease agreement. Be sure to request a written confirmation of the cancellation and return date for any rented items.

2. By Phone:

Call Aaron’s customer service at 1-800-950-7368 and express your intention to cancel. They will walk you through the process and confirm the details over the phone. Again, request a written confirmation via email or mail.

3. Online Account:

If you have an online Aaron’s account, you might be able to cancel your lease directly through the portal. Check your account settings or contact customer service for assistance.

Important factors to consider before cancelling:

Review your lease agreement:

Look for any early termination fees or specific guidelines for cancelling. Familiarize yourself with the process and potential costs involved.

Return rented items:

Ensure you return all rented items within the agreed-upon timeframe to avoid additional charges.

Outstanding payments:

Settle any outstanding payments before or during the cancellation process to avoid complications.

Additional tips:

  • Be firm and clear about your intentions to cancel during any communication with Aaron’s.
  • Keep copies of any documentation related to the cancellation, such as confirmation emails or receipts.
  • Monitor your credit report to ensure the lease is properly closed and doesn’t negatively impact your credit score.

Remember, canceling a lease agreement is a legal contract termination, so handling it effectively and documenting the process is crucial for a smooth and responsible experience.