How To Resolve Performance Predictions Atlanta Charge on Credit Card

The “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge on your credit card likely comes from a company called Performance Predictions LLC, which operates the daily fantasy sports platform PrizePicks.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

  • Company: Performance Predictions LLC (PrizePicks)
  • Location: Atlanta, GA

Service: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Encountering unfamiliar charges on your credit card statement, such as the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge, can raise concerns about the legitimacy of the transaction. While the specific details of this charge may not be explicitly provided, it’s essential to take proactive steps to address and resolve the issue effectively.

How To Resolve Performance Predictions Atlanta Charge on Credit Card

10 Useful Ways To Resolve Performance Predictions Atlanta Charge on Credit Card:

1. Verify the Charge:

Begin by carefully reviewing your recent transactions to confirm the accuracy of the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge. Check if the amount and transaction details align with any purchases or services you may have acquired.

2. Contact Your Financial Institution:

If the charge remains unclear or you suspect it to be unauthorized, reach out to your financial institution promptly. Contact their customer service department to inquire about the nature of the charge and request clarification.

3. Request Documentation:

Ask your financial institution to provide additional documentation or details regarding the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge. They may be able to furnish transaction records or merchant information to help you better understand the charge.

4. Check for Subscription Services:

Sometimes, unfamiliar charges can be attributed to recurring subscription services or memberships. Review your accounts for any ongoing subscriptions that may correspond to the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge.

5. File a Dispute:

If you believe the charge to be unauthorized or fraudulent, file a dispute with your financial institution. Provide them with any relevant information or evidence supporting your claim, such as transaction records or communication attempts with the merchant.

6. Monitor Account Activity:

Stay vigilant and monitor your credit card account activity regularly for any further unauthorized charges. Promptly report any suspicious transactions to your financial institution to prevent further financial loss.

7. Review Purchase History:

Reflect on any recent purchases or transactions that may be associated with the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge. Sometimes, charges can appear under different merchant names or descriptors.

8. Reach Out to the Merchant:

If you can identify the merchant associated with the charge, reach out to them directly for clarification. Provide details of the transaction and inquire about the products or services rendered.

9. Keep Records:

Maintain detailed records of all communication with your financial institution, merchant, and any other parties involved in resolving the issue. Documentation can help support your case during the dispute resolution process.

10. Be Persistent:

Resolving unfamiliar charges may require persistence and follow-up. Stay proactive in pursuing resolution, and don’t hesitate to escalate the matter if necessary to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

In conclusion, addressing the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge on your credit card requires thorough investigation, communication with relevant parties, and proactive steps to dispute unauthorized transactions. By following these strategies, you can effectively resolve the issue and safeguard your financial interests.

 Reasons you might see this Charge:

Direct Use of PrizePicks:

You (or someone with your card) likely made a deposit or entry fee to participate in DFS contests on the PrizePicks platform.

Unauthorized Charge:

In rare cases, there might be fraudulent activity where someone else uses your card information on PrizePicks.

Here’s how to determine the source of the charge:

Review Statements & Memory:

Check your credit card statement description for details about the charge.

Think back to see if you recently made any transactions on PrizePicks or similar DFS platforms.

Contact PrizePicks:

If you use PrizePicks, log in to your account and check your transaction history to see if the charge matches a deposit or entry fee. You can also contact PrizePicks customer support for clarification.

Contact Your Bank:

If you don’t use PrizePicks or suspect unauthorized activity, contact your bank immediately. Report the charge as fraudulent and inquire about the dispute process to get your money back.

Here are some additional resources:

By following these steps, you should be able to identify the reason behind the “Performance Predictions Atlanta” charge on your credit card and take appropriate action.